Živa Humer

Book / Military Families’ Health and Well-Being. A Socioecological Model of Risks

2023 |

The book Military provides insight into Slovenian military families. The book is authored by a multidisciplinary team of resdearchers: Živa Humer (Peace Institute) and Janja Vuga Beršnak, Jelena Juvan,...

Ajda Šulc, Mojca Pajnik, Nejc Berzelak et al.

Article / Aligning populist worldviews of citizens to media preferences: peculiarities of an illiberal political context

2023 |

In this article the authors look at how people’s relations to the media shape their anti-establishment, people-centrist and exclusionist populist worldviews.

Neža Kogovšek Šalamon

Article / Legislative and Judicial Responses to the “Refugee Crisis” in Slovenia and Austria: A Comparative Perspective

2023 |

In the last issue of the journal ‘Dve domovini/Two Homelands’, Neža Kogovšek Šalamon compares the key normative approaches to responses to the 2015–2016 “refugee crisis” in Slovenia and Austria.