Emanuela Fabijan, Mojca Pajnik

Article / The Transversal Political Logic of Populism: Framing the ‘Refugee Crisis’ in Slovenian Parliamentary Debates

2023 |

In the article the authors Mojca Pajnik and Emanuela Fabijan analyse how politicians in Slovenia responded to migration during and after the ‘refugee crisis’ (2015–2019).

Daniel Thiele, Tjaša Turnšek

Article How Right-Wing Populist Comments Affect Online Deliberation on News Media Facebook Pages

2022 |

This study focuses on debates on 10 Facebook pages of Austrian and Slovenian mass media during the so-called “refugee crisis” of 2015–2016.

Mojca Pajnik, Rok Smrdelj

Article Intersectional representation in online media discourse: reflecting anti-discrimination position in reporting on same-sex partnerships

2022 |

Taking the example of online media reporting on same-sex partnerships in Slovenia, the authors analyze how power relations are reinforced when one type of media discourse fails to acknowledge...