Maja Breznik, Majda Hrženjak

Chapter / Multiple interacting migration patterns in senior care on Europe’s semi-periphery

2024 |

The authors argue that semi-peripheral countries act as complex nodes of care migration where emigration, transit and immigration interact.

Birgit Sauer, Daniel Thiele, Iztok Šori et al.

Article / Borderless fear? How right-wing populism aligns in affectively framing migration as a security threat in Austria and Slovenia

2024 |

The findings point to a worrying convergence of anti-migration discourse across borders and to the potential spread of a right-wing populist bloc unified by fear of migration.

Mojca Pajnik

Article / Professionalizing Emotions as Reflective Engagement in Emerging Forms of Journalism

2024 |

The author analyses how journalists articulate emotions as "special effects" with the potential to motivate and engage the public in the age of hybrid media.