Poročilo Skupine za spremljanje nestrpnosti 01

Intolerance Monitor Report 01

The first issue of the Intolerance Report provoked strong reactions, most notably from the producers of exclusivist discourse who were the subject of analyses in this report. The report includes nine essays: Xenophobia or Self-protection? (V. Jalušič), Seized and Expelled (Roman Kuhar), On Allegedly Non- Existent Racism and Xenophobia in Slovenia (T. A. Kuzmanić), The Totality of Anti-Communism (G. Kovačič), Giving Legitimacy to Inequality (M. Hrženjak), Favo-ritke (R. Kuhar), »Junkies« or »Tardy Rockers of the First Generation« (M. Pajnik), Intolerance in Slovene Rap Music (M. Ceglar), and The Legal Aspects of Hate-Speech (B. Kovačič). The studies are followed by three short articles describing specific instances of intolerance: The Case of Lampič (A. Milohnić), The Case of Café Galerija (R. Kuhar), and The Case of Bintchende (D. Zagorac). There are also translations of several entries from the Dictionary of Racism and Ethnic Relations and a reprint of the lecture delivered by Leon Rupnik in 1938 entitled Bolshevism: a Tool of the International Jewish Community.

An Insight into a Blind Spot


Vlasta Jalušič
Xenophobia or Self-Protection?

Roman Kuhar
Seized And Expelled

Tonči A. Kuzmanić
On Allegedly Non-Existent Racism And Xenophobia in Slovenia

Gorazd Kovačič
The Totality of Anti-Communism

Majda Hrženjak
Giving Legitimacy to Inequality

Roman Kuhar

Mojca Pajnik
“Junkies” or “Tardy Rockers of the First Generation”

Miha Ceglar
Hate Speech in Rap Music


Blaž Kovačič
Legal Aspects of Hate Speech