Poročilo Skupine za spremljanje nestrpnosti 05

Intolerance Monitor Report 05

“The principle of the separation of state and religious communities provides that the state is not only religiously but also ideologically neutral. If the state wants to ensure equal treatment and participation of all citizens, regardless of their religion or belief systems and ways of life, it inevitably needs to have neutral position. Otherwise, by promoting any religious or philosophical belief in its’ strategies, measures or laws, it discriminates against those who think differently and their ways of life. “(Introduction ‘Heaven below Triglav’, p. 4)


Heaven Under Triglav

Church, State, Secularity
Srečo Dragoš
Where Does the Law on Religius Freedom Lead Us?

Nina Kozinc
Interprets of Faith

Dušan Rebolj
The Clash of Civilizations and the Blind Spots of the Unspeakable

Ciril Oberstar
Mary With Bomb, Mohamed With a Rat or What  Does Christ Have to DO With the Cross


Jasminka Dedić, Neža Kogovšek
The End of the Rule of Law: Legal and Sociological Analysis of the Location of Roma from Ambrus

Lana Zdravković
Barbarians are Comming!

Tatjana Greif
The Whims of the Ljubljana Gentry: Getting Same-sex Partnership Registration Adopted

Milica G. Antić
»Mr. President, Did I Hear the Same Words You Did?«

Darja Zaviršek
The Explotation of Sexual Abuse Intended to Spread Hate Speach: Social Daewinism and Eugenics in the Struggle Against the Sexual Violence Towards Children

Ksenija Šabec
»Wops are Scum, and You, Their Minority, Have It in Your Genes«

Tina Čuček
Slovene MP’s on the Erased: the Analysis of Parliamentary Discussions

Boštjan Nedoh
The Lazy as the Real Core of Post-Fordist Ideology

Boris Vezjak
On Denying Intolerance Towards Homosexual Persons

Thomas Hobbes
Leviatan / Chapter 47. /
Gorazd Korošec
Hobbes’s Critique of Religion, Freedom of Conscience and Tolerance