obcutki mest

Sensing cities: anthropology, art, sensory transformations

The monograph Sensing cities: anthropology, art, sensory transformations (Scientific publishing house UL) brings to the Slovenian academic space some newer research and artistic approaches to the sensory experience of modern urban landscapes, and also sheds light on past sensory perceptions and memories of them in selected cities. Scientific texts from the field of cultural anthropology, its sub-branches, such as sensory and urban anthropology, and related disciplines, especially cultural history, culturology, ethnomusicology and various post-humanist philosophies, are interwoven in an innovative way with experimental and artistic contributions and interdisciplinary interpretations of sensory perceptions. Due to its content dimension, empirical richness and methodological diversity, the collection will be essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary, critical, socially engaged and unconventional theories and practices of urban spaces and their contradictions through all five human senses.