Xenophobia and Post-socialism

Xenophobia And Post-Socialism

This volume includes the proceedings of the international seminar titled Xenophobia and Post-Socialism, organized by the East East Cooperation Center of the Peace Institute in Ljubljana, 3–7 October 2001. The essays address xenophobia and its diverse manifestations in post-socialist societies. The authors in this volume: Vlasta Jalušič, Tonči A. Kuzmanić, Laura Laubeova, Tanya Lokshina, Maria Marczewska-Rytko, Mojca Pajnik, Alexander Verkhovsky and Igor Ž. Žagar.

“At any rate, we should thank the authors of Xenophobia and Post-Socialism for a stimulus to critically reconsider our present times.”
Srđan Vrcan, Feral Tribune
Mojca Pajnik: Introduction: Towards the Others and Those Different

Tonči A. Kuzmanić
Post-socialism, Racism and the Reinvention of Politics

Igor Ž. Žagar
Xenophobia and Slovenian Media: How the Image of the Other is Constructed (and What it Looks Like)

Vlasta Jalušič
Xenophobia or Self-protection? On the Establishing of the New Slovene Civic/Citizenship Identity

Maria Marczewska-Rytko
The Problem of Xenophobia in the Context of Populism and European Enlargement

Tanya Lokshina
Hate Speech in Russia: Overview of the Problem and Means for Counteraction

Alexander Verkhovsky
Role of the Russian Orthodox Church in Nationalist, Xenophobic and Anti-Western Tendencies in Contemporary Russia

Laura Laubeova
Antiracist Legislation and Policies in the EU and Their Impact on the Accession Countries