Simona Zavratnik, PhD


She holds Ph.D. in sociology. She is a lecturer of sociology and researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Center for Spatial Sociology. She has published sociological articles and chapters in several social science journals and monographs.

The latest publication “Digital Refugees” (FDV and ZRC SAZU, 2020), co-authored with Sanja Cukut Krilić, examines the transformations of migration routes in the era of digitalization and the primacy of the smartphone as a basic tool in planning and organising migration routes.

She is a member of the editorial boards of the journals Časopis za kritiko znanosti (since 2014) and Dve domovini (since 2020). She was Research Fellow under German Fellowship (DAAD) at the University of Frankfurt (2013), she also lectured at Ohio State University in Columbus, USA (2016) and at the Panteion University of Social and Political Studies in Athens (2018).


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