Roundtable22 May 2008, 05:00 AM | Klub Gromka, AKC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana

In 2008, a major campaign ‘1001 Actions’ is initiated by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the mobilization of people and actions dedicated to the promotion of mutual knowledge and respect in the region. Throughout the twelve months, actions for dialogue will take place across the Euro-Mediterranean region, from Morocco and Portugal to Lebanon and Turkey, from Latvia and Poland to Greece and Egypt. The key event of the campaign will be the Euro – Mediterranean Dialogue Night on 22 May 2008. The event, which will be held in simultaneously in thirty-seven countries, will be an opportunity for people of the Euro-Med region to unite in one common voice for dialogue.

The Peace institute, in cooperation with Cultural Association Anarktika, is organizing KULTOAR as part of Euro – Mediterranean Dialogue Night, on 22 May 2008 starting at 17.00 in/in front of Klub Gromka, Autonomous Cultural Centre Metelkova City, Ljubljana. The event will be divided in two parts; in the afternoon we are to hold a round table »the Mediterrain: Dialogue or conflict? «, during which we will open different questions regarding the Euro – Mediterranean region: artistic and cultural diversity, migration in past and present, temporary economic-political and cultural-educational initiatives regarding integration of Mediterranean area. In the evening, we shall pass the floor to musicians and they will be presenting their work, inspired by the diverse heritage of the Mediterranean and Central- European region and the Balkans.


17.00 – Round table »Mediterrain: Dialogue or conflict? « (Klub Gromka)
Speakers: dr.Lev Kreft, dr. Nada Trunk Širca, dr. Klemen Klun, Janez Pirc, Zoran Potič.
20:00 Kar češ brass band (yard in front of Klub Gromka)
20:00 Cooking corner (Schengen kitchen, yard in front of Klub Gromka)
22:00 concert Karavana iluzij / Illusion Caravan (Klub Gromka)
24:00 Haris Pilton DJ live act (Klub Gromka)

For more information regarding the event and the project please contact:
Contact person: Jasna Babič, Peace institute
Telephone:01/234 77 31
E-mail: jasna.babic@mirovni-institut.si


This action is part of the regional campaign “1001 Actions for Dialogue” launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation the Dialogue between Cultures for the enhancement of peaceful coexistence and intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The action was generated with the financial support of the Anna Lindh Foundation.

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