Citizenship and discrimination: intersectional approach to research social exclusion

In recent years, Slovenia has been faced with visible phenomena of intolerance, discrimination and exclusion, which are the result of the economic crisis and the crisis of democracy in general, as well as a reflection of the crisis of active citizenship. Despite an increase in research work in the field of social inequality and economic systems, a broader view is needed to understand today’s social and political reality. The proposed research project therefore reverses the logic of dominant research, and approaches the analysis of exclusion for the perspective of the margins – intersectional, we will analyse narrations, policies and representations through the prism of sexual and ethnic discrimination – the results will then be applied to the field of researching citizenship as the status that should guarantee to all full membership in the community.

Head of the project: Roman Kuhar, The Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

Head of the project at PI: Mojca Pajnik


The Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana


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