Iztok Šori, PhD


Patriarchal power relations, victimisation and criminalisation in prostitution are maintained by the fact that prostitutes constitute a hidden social group and that legal policies are not based on their needs and interests.
– Iztok Šori on prostitution

Iztok Šori, PhD in Sociology (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2012), is a director and a researcher at the Peace Institute. He is in particular interested in intersection of gender, migration and work, which he researches within different social fields (sex work, politics, private lives). He has participated in several research projects that addressed gender equality, political representation and emancipation, prostitution, trafficking in persons, racism, populism, migration and lifestyles. In 2015 he published a book Being Single: Between the Ideology of Family and Ideology of Choice (Aristej).


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