Contemporary Citizenship the Politics of Exclusion and Inclusion (continuation of the project from 2002)

The main aim of the seminar was to research the importance of contemporary citizenship concepts for political equality of citizens and different minorities. The participants wanted to rethink the limits of contemporary concepts and practices of citizenship. The politics of inclusion were discussed, but also active citizenship, active participation and political responsibility of citizens were addressed.
The seminar included three main sessions: the one dealing with conceptual problems, the session on the EU and post-national citizenship, and the session on diverse case studies of inclusion/exclusion policies, analysis of explicit and hidden mechanisms and strategies of political exclusion in their country.
We are preparing a publication which will contain the selected studies from the both seminars.
Seminar program (.pdf, 82kB)
Evaluation Report (.pdf, 39kB)

Project execution

Dijaški dom Tabor, Ljubljana


East East Cooperation Center, Peace Institute


East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program