Vlasta Jalušič, PhD


The research work today is far from being dedicated to the issue of truth, it rather became an autopoietic function – of research itself.
– Vlasta Jalušić at the Round table of Free university about academic (in)equality, video

Vlasta Jalušič is one of the founders of the Peace Institute She earned her PhD in political science (1996) from the University of Vienna. She is the author of several books, articles, and chapters in books on the women’s movement and feminism, gender and political theory, violence, war and collective crime – and a prominent connoisseur of Hannah Arendt (see bibliography). She was teaching courses in political science and gender studies at the Ljubljana University, the Central European University in Budapest, the University of Sarajevo, and was a guest researcher at Free University of Berlin and at the Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna. Curently she also works as a professor of politicial theory at the University of Primorska (M.A. Study Programme in Politics, Ethics and Society).

A longtime activist against discrimination and gender (in)equality, she has been deeply involved in feminist networks and human rights activities for years. Apart from her research work she also carried out several development projects – she founded a women’s centre in a poor neighborhood in Kigali (Nyamirambo women’s centre) and edited a documentary film about the development work in Rwanda. In recent years she also has been active in the field of visual arts – painting.



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