Defending watchdog role of civil society and journalists in Slovenia – extended project phase

The project aims to increase resilience of civil society organisations and journalists in Slovenia to sustain their watchdog role, counter attacks and restrictions, and raise public awareness and support.

The activities include: a) launching online platform for monitoring and reporting attacks on journalists, b) countering attacks, restrictive policies and narratives (legal actions by CSOs and journalists under attack;  alarming and engaging international community; production of narratives and stories on civil society, and investigative journalism podcasts); c) capacity building (mutual learning among resilience heroes on local and European level, training on communication skills for NGO representatives, and training on the implementation of newsroom protocol to protect journalists targeted by online harassment).


  • Lead partner: Peace Institute
  • Partners: Slovenian Association of Journalists and Bottom Line (Pod črto)


NEF-Network of European Foundations (Civitates Program)