Developing an EU Training Module for the Victims’ Directive

Mission statement:


  • The identification of training needs for the judiciary and judicial staff in five jurisdictions pursuant to Article 25 of the Victims Directive.
  • The development of a Guide and provision of training to the judiciary and judicial staff on the needs of victims and on the Victims Directive
  • The development of an e-course template and virtual learning environment [VLE] to ensure maximum dissemination of training materials at a domestic and EU level.
  • The dissemination of information in relation to best practice identified during the training programme pursuant to Article 25 and 26 of the Victims Directive.


  • Irish Council for Civil Liberties (Ireland, project coordinator)
  • Victim Support Service Hungary
  • Human Rights Monitoring Institute (Lithuania)
  • Council of the Bar of Ireland, Law Society of Ireland
  • Portuguese Association for Victim Support (Portugal)
  • Victim Support Europe, PICUM


European Commission