Katarina Vučko


The state must provide redress for all victims of erasure, regardless of their status in Slovenia – they were all erased illegally and their rights were violated.
– Katarina Vučko on remedying the violations of human rights of the erased persons of Slovenia

Katarina Vučko obtained her degree in law in 2006 at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law. In 2012 she passed the State Legal Exam of the Republic of Slovenia. In 2007 she started to work at the Legal Information Centre of Non-governmental Organizations – PIC in Ljubljana as legal advisor in the field of human rights and asylum.

In 2009 she joined the Peace Institute where she works as a legal consultant and researcher in the field of human rights. She is working on projects in the field of legal status of migrants, asylum and non-discrimination issues, and carrying out legal analysis, lectures and workshops. She provides legal aid for the erased people of Slovenia.


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