European Criminal Justice Project (ECJP): Towards Cross-Border Solutions to Transnational Problems

The project involves cross-border exchanges and dialogue on the application of EU and ECHR standards to arrest, detention, prosecution, trial and criminal sanctions in cross border situations in the context of judicial cooperation in fighting transnational crime. Four countries – the UK, Cyprus, Slovenia and Croatia – at four phases of EU membership are involved as key partners. The project will also involve participation of their neighbouring EU member states (e.g. Italy, Austria, Greece, Malta, Netherlands, Ireland).

Project execution


  • Holding an initial planning meeting in the first months with the key collaborators to analyse the implementation of European standards in the domestic law and practice of each key country.
  • Production of a study detailing the findings of the team.
  • Holding one 2-day workshop in each key country for local judges, other relevant practitioners, practitioners from near neighbours and the national judge(s) from the ECtHR. The workshops are designed to promote awareness of the applicable European standards based on the above mentioned study and to generate dialogue between practitioners of the 4 key states and their near EU neighbours. Including neighbouring states creates a broader perspective as well as bringing together a wider European group of those who work on cross-border criminal issues to facilitate future collaboration.
  • Production of a publication on cross-border cooperation in translational crimes in the four partner countries: European Cross Border Justice: A Case Study of the EAW


The AIRE Centre, Unitek Kingdom B.A.B.E. (Be Active, Be Emacipated), Croatia Lellos P. Demetriades Law Office, Cyprus


European Commission East East partnership Beyond Borders Programme