EWSI – European Web Site on Integration

The European Web Site on Integration (EWSI) is a unique source of information on immigrant integration in Europe. The Peace Institute is the EWSI Coordinator for Slovenia. EWSI provides a collection of good practices of integration and a wide variety of tools and useful information to contribute as much as possible to a successful integration of so-called third country nationals residing in the member states. Besides providing useful information (examples of good practices, update of news, links, events and a database of relevant documents), EWSI country coordinators prepare focused research analyses of EWSI content, linking current news and identifying trends in the form of Special Features and Integration Dossiers.

Project leader: Veronika Bajt
Project coworkers: Ana Frank and Lana Zdravković

Project execution

In 2013, the EWSI project team realized all of the main activities of the EWSI project, i.e. collection of integration practices, reports for special reports/analyses (integration dossier, special feature), uploading of relevant documents, good integration practices, links, news, and events; promotion of EWSI webpage to other relevant organizations and target groups in Slovenia; regular updating about events relevant to EWSI via social networks (Facebook, Twitter); attending relevant events (e.g. conferences, round tables, symposia) regarding integration and migration issues.



European Commission, Directorate General for Home Affairs