Human Rights Guide II

The Human Rights Guide is an online  information and education resourse designed as legal self-help tool that explains to readers in a simple way the fundamental rights in different areas of social life.  It can be accessed at

More precisely, the Human Rights Guide is a European platform with country-specific content for Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, and as of 2023 also France and Croatia. Aside from national languages, the Guide is also available in English and/or Russian.

The Human Rights Guide aims to help individuals understand their rights and obligations, thereby helping them to develop the ability to apply human rights to concrete situations in their lives, and ultimately to prevent human rights violations and promote equality.

The contents of the Human Rights Guide provide information in an understandable way on the rights of individuals during police detention, in international protection procedures and in family relationships.

The project is being implemented by a non-governmental organization, the Baltic Human Rights Society together with cooperation partners from Croatia,  Estonia, France, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Slovenia.  The Peace Institute is the project partner from Slovenia.


  • Baltic Human Rights Society, Latvia
  • Estonian Human Rights Centre, Estonia
  • Human Rights Voice, Lithuania
  • Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, Bulgaria
  • Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia, Slovakia
  •  International Institute for Human Rights and Peace, France
  • Human Rights House Zagreb, Croatia


European Comission, Erasmus +