Equality of gender rules: Creating equal society for all

Project Equality of gender rules: Creating equal society for all stand for gender equality and gender-based violence prevention. Forum performances will be held in secondary schools and faculties using the Theatre of the Oppressed technique. The performances will also use the technique of legislative theatre with the audience. This is a form of direct democracy where, after a legislative forum performance, a space like the Senate is created for a similar ritual of passing laws, following the same formal procedure, based on the interventions of the actors (the audience, who defend or reject them, vote, etc.). At the end, the approved proposals and efforts are collected and formulated as legislative proposals, which are send to the policy makers for their consideration.

The forum performances will be carried out simultaneously in Slovenia and Croatia. Results gathered through legislative theatre techniques and surveys will be used to improve strategies and approaches to tackle gender inequalities and gender-based violence in Slovenia and Croatia.

Project execution

  • Forum performances – with theatre of the oppressed on gender-based violence
  • Research on the impact of legislative forum theatre performances
  • Awareness-raising campaign


  • Cultural and Artistic Association Transformator
  • Center for the theatre of the oppressed POKAZ
  • Radio Marš


Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia