Media Cooperation in South Eastern Europe

Center for Media Policy is a member of the network comprising 19 media centers and institutes in South Eastern Europe (South East European iv Network for Professionalisation of the Media – SEENPM). The network is funded by the Danish and Swiss governments and the Open Society Institute. The network members organize joint seminars and media research projects, exchange television programs and publish a web journal dealing with the media issues.

The members of the network are: Albanian Media Institute, Tirana, Soros Media Center, Tirana, Search For Common Ground, Skopje, Macedonian Press Center, Skopje, The International Center For Education of Journalists, Opatija, Center For Independent Journalism, Bucharest, ANEM – Association Of Independent Electronic Media of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, Independent Journalism Center, Chisinau, Media Development Center, Sofia, Media Plan Institute, Sarajevo, BBC School, Bucharest, Media Center, Sarajevo, Media Center, Belgrade, Center for Independent Journalism, Budapest, Center For Independent Journalism, Sofia, ACCESS Association, Sofia, Forum for Media Initiatives, Belgrade, Montenegrin Media Institute. Network partners are Danish School of Journalism, Copenhagen and Network Media Program, Open Society Institute.

The Center for Media Policy is a partner of the Budapest COLPI program in the project entitled Broadcasting Law Developments in Montenegro. Several meetings aimed at bringing together experts from Slovenia, Montenegro and other countries are scheduled to be held during the law drafting stage.

In cooperation with RTV Slovenia, the Center for Media Policy makes donations of equipment and provides training in broadcasting on the Internet for the employees of the public service television station in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Project leader: Brankica Petković
Project coworkers: Aleksandra Banjanac Lubej and Sandra Bašić-Hrvatin