Mig@net: Transnational Digital Networks, Migration and Gender

The project addresses the question of participation of migrants in transnational digital networks by employing innovative methodologies. Emphasis is placed on the ability of migrants to access and co-produce diverse digital networks and use them in order to promote their own needs, but also on the possibilities for the promotion of intercultural dialogue and cooperation that open through the development of new interactive media.



  • Panteion University, Center for gender studies, Greece - project coordinator, Symfiliosi, Cyprus;
  • Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’ Homme, France;
  • University of Hamburg, Institute for Sociology, Germany;
  • University of Bologna, Department of Politics, Institutions and History, Italy;
  • Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives, Netherlands;
  • University of Hull, Department of Humanities, UK.


European Commission, 7th Framework programme