Our Media: A civil society action to generate media literacy and activism, counter polarization and promote dialogue

  1. Contribution to enhanced regional cooperation and reinforced media freedom and media integrity in the Western Balkans and Turkey (WBT).
  2. Increased media activism and participation of CSOs in policymaking.
  3. Increased capacity of media CSOs and other CSOs in urban and rural areas to generate effective media and information literacy (MIL) practices.
  4. Media professionals and self-regulatory bodies encouraged to assume greater responsibility for promotion of MIL.
  5. Citizens, the youth in particular, empowered to engage in media freedom activism to counter polarisation.
  6. Raised awareness of key media stakeholders on upcoming trends, opportunities, and risks for future of media in the WBT region and how to proactively address them.


Graphic: Freepick by vectorjuice.



European Commission (NEAR)