Patterns of Political Instrumentalisation and Clientelism in the Media in South East Europe

The project is aimed at mapping patterns of political clientelism and political instrumentalisation of the media in six countries of South East Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montengro, Serbia and Slovenia) and promotion of regulatory and self-regulatory instruments which would increase political and business culture in SEE countries in a way to eliminate or reduce identified forms and patterns of political instrumentalisation and clientelism in the media. The project includes investigative journalism reporting and presentation of country reports in the form of 8-minute-TV reports produced in six participating countries of SEE, broadcasting of the reports, and organization of a regional round table based on TV reports.

Collaborators: Brankica Petkovic, Aleksandra B. Lubej, six reporters from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montengro, Serbia and Slovenia.


MediaCenter Sarajevo International Center for Education of Journalists Opatija Macedonian Media Insitute for Media Montenegro Media Institute Novi Sad School of Journalism.


South East European Network for Professionalisation of the Media