PeerThink – Promotion of Intersectional Approach in Education Against Peer Violence

Experiences from practical fields show that there is not only one special occurrence of peer violence, referred to as the peer violence. Instead, peer violence in its roots and appearances depends on affiliations to social groups, which can be described and differentiated by the structural categories of gender, ethnicity and class. The project assumes that to perform violence prevention with youngsters effectively these structural categories have to be taken into account systematically, which means that the work has to follow intersectional approach. Many practical projects focus only on one structural factor (level of education, masculinity, racism) and thereby reproduce hierarchical stereotypes by using a limited perspective in their conceptions.

The project aims at connecting the intersectional working projects and establishing a network in which existing approaches will be evaluated. Methods, instruments and examples of good practices for violence prevention work with young which systematically take into account the structural categories gender, ethnicity and class will be summarized in an online handbook.



Eurocircle, France Männerberatung Graz, Austria BBJ, Italy Dissens e.v., Germany Peace Institute, Slovenia


EU Daphne program