Živa Humer, PhD


If we want to change the existing inequalities between genders, gender equality must include all, women and men, by addressing different needs and specific situations of individuals.
– Živa Humer on gender equality

Živa Humer, born 1977 in Ljubljana, graduated in 2002 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. Her thesis was awarded the Student’s Prešeren’s Acknowledgment. In 2004 she attained her MA at the Central European University in Budapest, Gender Studies program. The same year she continued with her PhD studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, and in October 2009 she defended her PhD thesis Ethics of care, gender and family: the processes of the relocation of care between public and private spheres. The central points of attention are the processes of relocation of care and care practices within family life, between genders and within private and public spheres, with a strong emphasis on childcare and domestic work.

She has been engaged in various projects at the Peace Institute since her undergraduate studies, from 1996 onward. Since then she has been involved in various national and international projects, mainly in the field of gender studies, gender equality politics and social politics.


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