Politics and Power in Times of Terror: Thinking with Hannah Arendt

The aim of the project is to situate the Hannah Arendt’s view on the relationship between violence, politics, identity and terror into the context of contemporary (post-modern) debates on the political subjectivity and identity and into the context of the emerging globalized debate about war, politics and terror. In the project we want to work out the ways, how one can nowadays, in times of exclusion, sensibly (sinvoll) think about violence, politics and identity. We want to explore above all the following questions: What are the new challenges of politics and thinking about politics after 1989? And what are the new challenges after 11 September 2001? What is the significance of Arendtian thinking about violence and politics in the context of the so called war on terror? How can we situate her insights with regard to the recent debates about political subjectivity, especially if we take into account the differentiation between the social and the political?

Project leader: Vlasta Jalušić
Project coworkers: Gorazd Korošec, Gorazd Kovačič and Mojca Pajnik

Project execution

An international conference “Between Past and Future: The Meanings of Political Thinking Today” was organised within the framework of this project in June 2006.
See: conference programme


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