Questioning Transitional Dynamics in Re-defining Cultural Identities in South Eastern Europe (EE conference)

Main topic of the project is critical analysis of the process of re-construction of cultural identities in SEE with a special emphasis on 20-years period of huge political changes in the region, including dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, establishing new national states and the EU accession process.
The project wanted to achieve:
(1) Dissemination of information and analysis of the trends governing cultural changes and formation of cultural identities in SEE;
(2) Suggestions for possible remodeling of approaches to cultural policies and cultural practices in the region;
(3) Building up of a permanent network of co-operation among project partners and development of a future co-operative international research project on the EU level.Partners’ working meeting and a conference was taking place in Ljubljana and was organized by the Peace Institute. Main activities: discussion among partners regarding final content and structure of the book; presentations of the papers to be published in the book, followed by discussions and suggestions for possible improvements of the contributions (including comments given by guest speakers from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo).Abstracts

Project leader: Aldo Milohnić
Project coworker: Mojca Frelih


  • Institute for International Relations, Zagreb
  • Faculty of Historical Cultural Sciences (Universität Wien)
  • University of Arts in Belgrade


  • East East Beyond Borders Program (Open Society Foundations)
  • Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Ljubljana (ASO)