Mojca Frelih, MA


The supporting role of management is also very important, so that employees can arrange and coordinate all spheres of life. At best, the leader himself/herself is a role model who practices this; but even if not, to at least say out loud that this is allowed in this work environment and that because of this, if you ask for something like this, that it is not accepted as it makes you a bad worker.
– Mojca Frelih on coordinating work and caring responsibilities

Mojca Frelih (MA in Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) is a researcher within various (inter)national projects at the Peace Institute since 2003. Her research fields are: sociological phenomena with an emphasis on the feminist theory, gender mainstreaming, equality of gender, equal opportunities and gender relations, (anti)discrimination, migration, labour market, reconciliation of work and family life balance, contemporary citizenship etc. She was a leader of many workshops, she conducted many interviews and performed other research tasks within different international research projects. From 2003-2012 she was a coordinator of the East East Beyond Borders Program (Open Society Foundations) within which she gained a lot of experience with organization, coordination and financial management. She gained more financial and managing experience when she replaced a managing director of the Peace Institute (from June 2007 to June 2008 and then from November 2009 to December 2010).


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