Questioning Transitional Dynamics in Re-defining Cultural Identities in South Eastern Europe

Critical analysis of re-definition and re-construction of cultural identities in SEE, through different social and cultural apparatuses and in the context of “EU-ropeanization”, regionalization and globalization processes, opens an important research question: do these processes (significantly) influence possible re-definition and re-construction of cultural identities in the direction of ethnically and nationally non-exclusivist cultures? The project consortium which consists of researchers from an ‘old’ EU member country (Austria – University of Vienna, Department of Social and Economic History), a ‘new’ member (Slovenia – Peace Institute), a candidate country (Croatia – Institute for International Relations, Zagreb), and a country with aspiration to become EU member (Serbia – University of Arts in Belgrade) worked on assessment of the situation in their countries with structurally different positions as far as EU membership is concerned.

Project leader: Aldo Milohnić
Project coworkers: Brankica Petković


All the tasks planned in 2011 were accomplished on time: organization of the conference in Ljubljana, editing and publishing of the book (final output of the project), writing of the final report. The book Cultural Identity Politics in the (Post-)Transitional Societies (eds. N. Švob-Djokić & A. Milohnić) is available in printed and electronic formats. Working materials, CVs, abstracts, drafts of the research studies, students works and other materials are available at the project website:


Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Ljubljana (ASO) on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research and the East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program (Open Society Foundations).