The Humanities and Social Sciences on the Periphery: Sciences or Technocratic Instruments? (International conference)

Participants identified the role of social sciences and humanities in the SEE societies and debated the position of the social scientists, the intellectuals, experts and the bureaucrats as well as eventual fusions of the roles. Participants explored how creative, innovative and efficient input of social sciences and humanities to the contemporary societies could be achieved, and how the situation could be improved in the region. The seminar provided a critical check of participants’ own activities, and also opened up new perspectives on the role and the statuses of social sciences.

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Project leader: Aldo Milohnić
Project coworker: Maja Breznik


  • Center for the Study of Balkan Societies and Cultures (CSBSC)
  • Department for Southeast European History, University of Graz
  • University of Montenegro, Department of Political Sciences
  • St Kl Ohridski Sofia University, Sofia