The Voice of Research Administrators – Building a Network of Administrative Excellence

BESTPRAC is a COST initiative to advance the state of the art in excellent administration of transnational research projects through creating a network of research administrators.

The focus of the action is the improvement of the administrative, financial and legal procedures of the projects carried out with European funding. The Peace Institute implements substantial number of EU funded projects. For that reason being a partner in the COST Action is an opportunity for networking, sharing and developing best practices in the area concerns. The Action is encouraging professional development of project administrators. The network aims to develop knowledge and resources regarding best practices in transnational research project administration including a best practice guide, development of a common vocabulary of project administration, establishment of knowledge hubs in specific areas and establishment of twinning services where research support offices collaborate on targeted challenges. The BESTPRAC network support connections between administrators of research projects (including judicial, administrative and financial staff) in order to overcome isolation; stimulate mobility; encourage professional development and emphasising the need and importance of the profession.

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65 partners from 36 countires.


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