Women in Local Politics: Slovenia and Hungary

The project aimed to uncover the paths to women’s participation in local politics and their function in Slovenia and Hungary. It examined the nature of the successful political careers for women in local politics and the most efficient modes of their agency. The results of the study should contribute to the efficiency of women already active in politics or those planning to be so.
The presence of women in politics is generally much higher on the local level than it is on the national. This is not true for Slovenia, however. In the 1994 elections 10.8% of women councillors and five women mayors were elected (presenting 3.4% of the total); in the 1998 elections the figures were 11.8% and 4.2% (eight women mayors) respectively. There are various ways of increasing the percentage of women in politics. One of the more important ones is the specification, publication, and distribution of the most efficient practices for women in politics.
Project leader: Milica G. Antić
Project coworkers: Neža Barbara Brečko and Valerija Bernik


Open Society Institute New York, Local Government Initiative