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Erased: Citizenship, Residence Rights and the Constitution in Slovenia

The book “Erased: Citizenship, Residence Rights and the Constitution in Slovenia”by  dr. Neže Kogovšek Šalamon was published by Peter Lang Publishing Group.

This book is about the «erasure», a process by which the Republic of Slovenia unlawfully deprived 25 671 of its residents of their legal status following the country’s secession from the former Yugoslavia in 1992. After losing their status, these individuals were left without any rights on the territory of Slovenia. Since the Slovenian state refused to remedy the problem for many years, the European Court of Human Rights took up the case. In the 2012 Kuric and Others v. Slovenia decision, the Grand Chamber found that Slovenia had violated human rights. This book describes the full background of this case and examines its constitutional implications.

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