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Citizens and digital culture, thematic cluster in Annales

A thematic cluster of six articles was published in the journal Annales, Annals for Istrian and Mediterranean Studies, in which the authors discuss the possibilities of citizenship in the structural context of the hierarchy of (over)power of political actors. The cluster, edited by Mojca Pajnik and Peter Sekloča, combines the results of the Digital Citizenship research project.

You can read the editorial here. | The articles are available here.


Peter Sekloča
Politična učinkovitost digitalnih državljanov: Komuniciranje v strukturirani hierarhiji moči

Tanja Oblak Črnič
Mladi državljani in institucionalna politika v kontekstu participativne digitalne kulture

Majda Hrženjak, Mojca Pajnik
(Samo)percepcije mladih v polju političnega: Izzivi za državljanstvo

Jernej Amon Prodnik
The Instrumentalisation of Politics and Politicians-as-Commodities: A Qualitative Analysis of Slovenian Parties’ Understanding of Political Communication

Marko Ribać
The Slovenian Political Field and its Constraints

Peter Berglez
Few-to-Many Communication: Public Figures’ Self-Promotion on Twitter through ‘Joint Performances’ in Small Networked Constellations