Migracije-globalizacija-Evropska unija

Migration – Globalization – European Union

Mobility is one of the fundamental features of modern times characterized primarily by the processes of economic, political, social and cultural globalization. The authors look into the crucial features of migration flows from various perspectives, while dedicating special attention to the prospects and options available to more human migration policies that would be based on the respect for human rights, striving for social cohesion, solidarity, care for fellow human beings and respect for difference. The authors in this book are Simona Zavratnik Zimic, Bogomir Kovač, Romana Bešter, Silva Mežnarič and Aleš Drolc. They reflect on the European character of migration policies and their variants in various local environments, particularly Slovenia.
Mojca Pajnik and Simona Zavratnik Zimic
Contemporary Migrations Between the Global and the Local

Simona Zavratnik Zimic
Fortress Europe or Open Europe? Challenges Facing the Countries on the “Schengen Periphery”

Bogomir Kovač
Globalization, Migration and Economic Development on the Margins of Slovenia’s Migration Policy Dilemma

Romana Bešter
Immigrant Integration Policies
Silva Mežnarić
Forced Migration in 2002: a Legacy From the Nineties

Aleš Drolc
Immigrants Between the Common European Migration Policy and Local Peculiarities