The Erased. Organized Innocence and the Politics of Exclusion

The Erased. Organized Innocence and the Politics of Exclusion

This is a book about the erasure of tens of thousands of people from the register of permanent residents of Slovenia that took place soon after Slovenia became an independent country. The foreword by Vlasta Jalušič delineates the political background which paved the road for violations of human rights and subsequent strategies of justifications. The main part of the book consists of two studies: Jasminka Dedić explains various legal aspects of the issue, while Jelka Zorn presents the ethnographic study including the erased people’s testimonies. The two supplements bring a chronology of the main events related to erasure and a brief report on the violations of erased individuals’ rights by Matevž Krivic, an advocate for the erased residents (the report was written for the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights on the occasion of his visit to Slovenia in May 2003).

Vlasta Jalušič
Organized Violence

Jasminka Dedić
Discrimination in Granting Slovenian Citizenship

Jelka Zorn
The Politics of Exclusion During the Formation of the Slovenian State

Chronology of Erasure

Matevž Krivic
Post Scriptum