Scenarij za razvoj institucij EU. Pred vrhom v Nici in po njem

Scenarios for Institutional Reform in the EU. Before and After the Nice Summit

The study Scenarios for Institutional Reform in the EU before and after the Nice Summit by Matej Lozar, a post-graduate student of political science at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, was carried out under the mentorship of Bojko Bučar, PhD, a professor in the Department for International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana.

Foreword (Bojko Bučar)

Institutional Reforms In The Eu
The Principal Institutions Involved In The Shaping Of The Eu Legislation And Policies
Institutional Reform And Intergovernmental Conference
The Nomination And Representation Within The Central Eu Institutions Prior To Reform
The Proposals For Reforms Of The Council, Commission And The European Parliament
Agreements Reached In Nice
Slovenia And Its Status In The Main Eu Institutions
Envisioning The Future Balance Of Power In The Union
New Questions And Uncertainties, Various Aspects And Limitations Of The Conclusions

Appendix A
Appendix B