Evropski vratarji. Migracijske in azilne politike v vzhodni Evropi

The European Gate-Keepers. Migration and Asylum Policies in Eastern Europe

 A selection of articles about migration politics in the European Union and several Eastern European countries that form part of the so-called Schengen periphery. The cases of Bulgaria, Lithuania and the Czech Republic are examined in greater detail, while other contributions examine different aspects of migration policy in Slovenia.Authors: Neža Kogovšek (Changes in Slovenia’s Asylum Law in 2001), Beat Leuthardt (A New European Gatekeeper – Sketches From the Country That Has Been Changed by the West: Lithuania), Tania Marincheshka (Alignments With the EU Asylum and Migration Policies: Bulgaria), Aldo Milohnić (Quid pro Quo: Asylum and Migrations in the Countries of the Schengen Periphery), Kristina Nauditt (At the Door of the EU: An Attempt at Inventory Taking), the Berlin research group Escape and Migration (Adjustments to the Fortress Europe: The Czech Republic), and Simona Zavratnik Zimic (A Perspective on the Construction of the Schengen E-border: Slovenia).(in Slovenian with English abstracts)