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Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Movement, foreword

Publishing house /*cf. published  American theorist Reece Jones’s book Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Movement. The book was translated by Ana Kralj, the foreword was written by Mojca Pajnik.

“Jones defines borders and their militarization as a form of structural violence, as a mechanism for restricting or prohibiting the movement of people, which reproduces inequality or perpetuates the elitism of the rich and the marginalization of the poor. /…/ “A step that could immediately contribute to the elimination of wealth inequality at the global level is the opening of borders to allow free movement,” says the author. On the one hand, subjects in the movement remind us of the possibility and reality of open borders, on the other hand, violent borders and critics convince us of the opposite, of the (false) utopianism and unreality of open borders – in this dialectic, Jones sides with the (utopian) thinkers of open borders.”