Women and Trafficking

Women and Trafficking

The book gathers proceedings of an international seminar titled Women in Migration and Vulnerability for Trafficking in Human Beings, organized by the East East Cooperation Center at the Peace Institute, Ljubljana, taking place 11–12 June 2004 in Piran, Slovenia. The fifteen papers presented and carefully debated at the seminar cover a variety interdisciplinary encounters and experiences with trafficking in women, among them an historical overview, debates over human rights approaches, an analysis of media reporting, and innovative recommendations for recasting the issue. The book includes a series of case studies covering experiences in field work, legislation in different countries.

Simona Zavratnik Zimic
Sex Trafficking: The State, Security, Criminality, Morality – and the Victim

Petra de Vries
An Image of Sexual Danger: Prostitution, the White Slave and the Political Campaign Against Woman Trafficking in Historical Perspective

Giovanna Campani
Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Southern Europe: Realities and Policies

Jacqueline Berman
Media Constructions and Migration Projects: Trafficking in Women in an International Migration (Management) Frame

Mojca Pajnik
Trafficked Women in Media Representations

Andjelka Marković
Overview of Prosecutions and Protection of Victim’s Human Rights

Ruth Hopkins and Jan Nijboer
Human Trafficking and Human Rights: Research, Policy and Practice in the Netherlands

Jana Costachi
Trafficking in Human Beings in the Republic of Moldova

Irena Progni
General Information on the Trafficking Situation in Albania

Svetlana Milenkova
Macedonia: Final Destination and Transit Route for trafficked Women

Urša Kavčič
Trafficking in Human Being From, To and Through Slovenia

Petra Kutalkova
Prevention of Trafficking in Women in Roma Communities – the La Strada Approach

Rossanka Venelinova Krasteva
Free Movement without Boundaries – A Health Perspective

Zsolt Belanszky-Demko
Prevention of and Response to Sexual and Gender-based Violence among Persons in Need of International Protection

Saša Gorišek
Trafficking in Human Beings – the UN Approach