Zasebnost na internetu

Privacy on the Internet

This is a book about privacy in the information and consumer society in general, and privacy on the Internet in particular. The author first looks into the sociological aspects of the privacy issue and then examines the technical and legal aspects of control and privacy protection on the Internet. Examples of the ways in which privacy on the Internet can be abused and of self-protection techniques available to the user add practical value to this book. The author describes technologies that make possible intrusions into the computer systems, interception of electronic mail and network traffic, collation and gathering of distributed data, as well as those technologies and procedures that prevent such abuse or protect the users in other ways. This multifaceted book will be of interest to many organizations and individuals.


Privacy, Surveillance And Technology

Surveillance Society
Surveillance in the workplace and surveillance of consumers
Surveillance and information technology
Electronic panopticon
Surveillance and privacy
Protection of privacy

Privacy In Cyberspace
Collecting information about computers in a network
Electronic traces left with Internet providers
Electronic traces at content providers
Linking and gathering of distributed data
Intercepting data in a network
Intercepting electronic messages
Intrusions into computer systems
Intercepting data and information in the immediate environment of the system

The Protection Of Privacy In Cyberspace
Protection against data interception
Protection against intrusion and stealing of data
Deleting electronic traces
Protection against TEMPEST attacks
Cryptography and the movement for electronic privacy

Slovene Legislation And Practice
Territorial privacy
Privacy of communications
Privacy of information