The core team consists of researchers from three Slovenian research institutions with different disciplinary background – political science, literature and cultural studies, sociology, law, philosophy, psychoanalytic theory, and internationally recognized associates from abroad.

Project leader:

Vlasta JalusicVlasta Jalušič, PhD is a political scientist and connoisseur of Hannah Arendt, editor of several translations and author of articles, lexicographic papers and books on Hannah Arendt.

Project team:

Mirt KomelMirt Komel, PhD is a philosopher and writer, professor of Philosophy and Literature, the head of the Cultural Studies department at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Peace Institute in Ljubljana, co-founder of the international Hegelian association Aufhebung.

Gorazd KovacicGorazd Kovačič, PhD has a PhD in concept of the social in the Hannah Arendt thought. He is employed as a professor in the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, and cooperates with the Peace Institute. His research interests include economic and political sociology, sociological and political theory, and the analysis of political ideologies.

Bostjan NedohBoštjan Nedoh, PhD is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He works at the intersection between contemporary continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, biopolitical theory, and political theology.

Lana ZdravkovicLana Zdravković, PhD is a philosopher, researcher, activist and performer. Fields of her research interest includes: political action, radical equality, emancipatory practices, thought-practice of a militant subject.

Jerneja BrumenJerneja Brumen, MA is completing her PhD in Environmental Protection at the University of Ljubljana. In her doctoral dissertation, she examines the relevance of Hannah Arendt’s political theory in the field of environmental thought. In the context of Hannah Arendt’s political thought, she is most interested in the importance of distinguishing between acting and thinking.

Neza Kogovsek SalamonNeža Kogovšek Šalamon, PhD is a lawyer, focusing on issues of citizenship, migration and human rights. She based her research on Erased on Arendtian conceptualization of the right to have rights.

The foreign collaborating researchers:

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Wolfgang Heuer Wolfgang Heuer, PhD is docent at Otto Suhr-Institute, Free University Berlin, managing editor of, working on the publication of unpublished manuscripts in the Collected Works of Hannah Arendt, guest professor in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Spain, course director at IUC Dubrovnik, co-editor of Arendt Handbuch 2011, research and publications on Arendt, violence, federalism.

Zoran KurelicZoran Kurelić, PhD is a political scientist from The Faculty of Political Science, Uiversity of Zagreb, and currently he is the dean of that institution. He does research in contemporary illiberalism, and tries to reinterpret Arendt’s concept of radical evil.

Cristina Sanchez Cristina Sanchez, PhD  is professor of Law’s philosophy at the Autonomous University Madrid. She has published widely on feminism and the work of Hannah Arendt.

This group of scholars has been collaborating for a long time in various publication projects, conferences and has produced several books and journals dealing with Hannah Arendt, while also organizing annual meetings/seminars in Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik.