Aeneas: Protection of Asylum Seekers in the Republic of Croatia and the Region

The Peace Institute and the Legal Information Center of NGOs – LIC are project partners in Slovenia, responsible for activities concerning border monitoring, which include monitoring of the migration situation at the border, monitoring of the respect of the rights of foreigners who expressed their intention to lodge an asylum application, and preparation of a report on the border monitoring system in Slovenia. The goal of this project part is to share Slovenian experience with other partner countries, training of experts, awareness raising and establishing of border monitoring mechanisms in partner countries. Other project partners are Belgrade Human Rights center and Center for Human Rights in Sarajevo.
The project is led by Croatian Law Center, Zagreb, Croatia.


  • Vita Habjan, Legal Information Centre of Non-governmental Organizations – LIC
  • Belgrade Centre for Human Rights
  • Centre for Human Rights at University of Sarajevo


  • European Commission
  • Open Society Institute