Family and Social Contexts of Gay and Lesbian Lifestyles in Slovenia and Proposals for Policy in the Field

The aim of the project is to research family and social contexts of gay and lesbian lifestyles. The analysis will include life styles, partnership and family relations and formal networks with various institutions. The survey will represent a basis on which proposals for policy in the field will be formed.

1. To carry out empirical survey and to identify problems gays and lesbians face with in everyday life;
2. to form proposals for policy for gays and lesbians (preventing social exclusion and improving quality of life);
3. to offer results for policy against homophobia, especially in the field of educational system;
4. to present the results to the interested public;
5. to strengthen the activities of civil society (identification of problems in order to cope with them.

Project leader: Alenka Švab
Project coworker: Roman Kuhar


  • Ministry of Education, Science and Sports
  • Ministry of Work, Family and Social Affairs