Citizens in Diversity

Through the involvement of sociological and legal teams of experts of four member states (Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, UK), the project seeks to understand the European dimension of homophobia and discrimination of gays and lesbians in view of promoting a debate around the links between citizenship and the pluralisation of gender identities in multicultural contexts.

The goals of the Project are the following:
1) to highlight the every-day life dimension of homophobic attitudes and behaviours in society at large and in specific ethnic and religious communities;
2) to emphasise the fundamental rights angle in understanding and contrasting discrimination of gays and lesbians
3) to exchange anti-homophobic practices between countries with different cultures of and legal approaches to homosexuality.

Official project web site:
Project leaders:
Luca Trappolin
Roman Kuhar (at PI)
Project coworkers: Simon Maljevac, Živa Humer and Neža Kogovšek Šalamon


Conference ‘Homophobia in schools in Eastern Europe’,  6.- 7. May 2012


Department of Sociology-University of Padua-Italy Municipality of Venice, Youth Participation Service and Peace Cultures-Italy University of Nottingham-UK Instutute of Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences-Hungary


Evropean Comission – Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme