Conflict Resolution in Community

The main goal of the project is to expand knowledge gained in the field of conflict resolution management through practical exercises and lectures for participants dealing with conflict resolution in the region. Participants from the REKOS group, Legal Information Centre, Umanotera – Slovenian Foudation for Sustainable Development, Association for Non-Violent Communication, Nansen Dialogue Centre from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Small Step from Croatia took part in a workshop with the purpose of discussing some characteristics of individual countries and disseminating this knowledge to the whole region. The workshop consisted of two parts. The theoretical part included learning the theory of dialogue, discussing mediation between different social groups and learning the techniques of mediation. During the practical part the theory was put in practice on the basis of various exercises. On a long-term basis participants will work on raising public awareness about the importance of the “good” relations between the majorities and minorities in all parts of the region. On the one hand, this will be done through concrete field work, and on the other, on the basis of articles, papers, lectures, interviews and co-operation with other organizations and institutions.
A follow-up workshop for potential trainers for community based conflict resolution models was organized in Jahorina by Nansen Dialogue Center, 25-28 May 2002.

Project execution

Location: Ljubljana, Atelje 2050


REKOS Group of the Peace Institute


East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program (Open Society Institute)