The Use of the Ethics of Care Perspective in Social Policy (follow-up)

The follow-up international workshop aimed at applying Trace as a method of analysis to topics in social policy. Participants discussed their experiences in using Trace method for analysis of documents in the fields of family policy, human resources policy and equal opportunities policy in the selected new EU member states: Estonia , Hungary , Slovakia and Slovenia.
A two-day workshop enabled participants to present and discuss analyzed papers, to receive insight to be able to prepare final versions for publication. Papers were published in a book edition Politike Symposion (editor Mojca Pajnik). The book is entitled The Heart of the Matter: The Contribution of the Ethic of Care to Social Policy in Some New EU Member States (eds. Selma Sevenhuijsen and Alenka Švab, 2004)
Project leader: Alenka Švab


The East East Cooperation Center in cooperation with Utrecht University, the Netherlands, prof. dr. Selma Sevenhuijsen


East East Program: Partnership Beyond Borders (OSI)