eMORE: MOnitoring and REporting online hate speech in Europe

Emore_Logo03_PoseMORE Project addresses the need to support the development/improvement of efficient monitoring and reporting mechanisms for online hate speech and hate crime and, in particular, the need to foster the integration between monitoring and reporting tools into a joint innovative knowledge model. The Project is transnational and focuses on a broad definition of hate crime, which includes gender hostility, and hate offences motivated by race, religion, sexual orientation and disability. Immigration will be addressed as a cross-cutting issue. Other forms of intolerance will be also taken into consideration, if relevant.

Since knowledge is the key-factor to implement efficient/effective multi-stakeholders initiatives to fight back against crime, the synergy between monitoring and reporting is essential to bridge this gap, and to develop a far-reaching knowledge-based framework. The overall Project objective is to contribute to developing, testing and transferring a knowledge model on online hate speech and offline hate crime, based on a circular and advanced joint monitoring-reporting system, to gain a sound understanding of the phenomena/trends over the Internet and offline, to allow comparative analysis at national/EU level, and to support the harmonised combating against hate-motivated offences at EU/national level. The model is structured upon four main elements:

  1. in-depth/up-to-date knowledge
  2. multidisciplinary/innovative technological approach
  3. cooperation among relevant public/private stakeholders
  4. visibility and engagement of victims/witnesses and citizens.
Please, take up a few minutes of your time to fill in an online survey on hate speech, hate crime and related phenomena.


  • RISSC- CENTRO RICERCHE E STUDI SU SICUREZZA E CRIMINALITÀ (Research Centre on Security and Crime), Italy (project coordinator)
  • CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, Belgium;
  • CLR – Centre for Legal Resources, Rumania;
  • College for Public Administration and Administration for Justice – Police Department, Germany;
  • IDOS Research Centre, Italy;
  • Associação ILGA Portugal, Portugal;
  • LAND, Italy;
  • KISA – Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism, Cyprus;
  • MPG – Migration Policy Group, Belgium;
  • North West Migrants Forum, Northern Ireland, UK;
  • Peace Institute, Slovenia;
  • SOS Malta, Malta.


European Comission (JUST/2014/RRAC/AG/HATE/6743)