Workshops on hate speech and migrations

The project responds to the need for education and awareness rising of young people, in particular secondary school pupils, on hate speech, which has recently been directed primarily against migrants. As shown by the results of our past and current projects (Responding to Hate Speech – Activation of an Independent Conjunctive Body, e-EAV, RAGE, Light-on), hate speech in Slovenia has become a normal part of public debates. The largest increase was seen on the web, that is in an environment where especially young people are active, while the intolerance and hatred is being spread also through traditional media.

We offer workshops for secondary schools, which thematise hate speech and migration. In the first part of the workshop, pupils analyse concrete examples of hate speech and rethink about its effects and possible responses to it. In the second part a discussion with the guest who has migrant background follows. Students learn about the migration trail of the person, are faced with the causes and consequences of migrations, learn about cultural differences and stereotypes, and reflect on the importance of intercultural dialogue in building a tolerant and cohesive society. The key objective of the workshops is the increasing capacity of pupils to identify hate speech and its placement in the broader context of migrations, human rights and intercultural dialogue.


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