The Erased People of Slovenia – A Challenge of a Young Nation-State

The silent and secret erasure of more than 18.300 persons from the registry of permanent residents of the Republic of Slovenia of 26 February 2006, fifteen years after the event remains unresolved and injustice not redressed, despite numerous initiatives of the civil society and recommnedations of the international bodies.
The project addresses the current situation and with activities such as research, legal assistance, lobbying and awareness raising within the public at home and abroad wishes to encourage resolving of the problem of the erasure. It offers institutional and legal assistance to the victims of the erasure (i.e. the erased), empowers them and offers a platform for a more effective pursuit of redreses for the injustice. The project will be carried out in the period from January 2007 until December 2009. Within the project numerous international events will be hosted and publication of the contionuation of the book on the erasure is foreseen.



Open Society Institute with a contribution of the project partners.