RESPECT – Advancing respect for ethical standards by media and respect for ethical media by citizens

The project aims to achieve a common understanding in Montenegro what makes the core ethics of journalism and to inform and inspire the stakeholders how to make ethical journalism work and thus contribute to increase in the overall quality of reporting and trust in media. Specifically, the project aims to improve the capacities of key stakeholders to reinforce the Code of Ethics in the media in Montenegro and to increase the role of citizens in advancing ethical journalism. The project will create an open space for public discussion on media ethics and promotion of the Code of Ethics, and to enrich a public debate with experience and good practice presented by experts and practitioners from the region and EU. Journalism students will be given an opportunity to obtain practical skills by engaging in the action and to strengthen knowledge on the Code of Ethics and its application in practice.


  • Lead partner: Montenegro Media Institute
  • Partner: Ethical Journalism Network (UK), Peace institute


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia
  • Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro